Give Your Family a Health Makeover

Have you ever wished that ketchup were considered a vegetable? It would ease so much parental guilt.

The issue of family nutrition is ripe for guilt. The choices we as parents make have a direct effect on the health of each member of our family. Yet our daily life routine can make it difficult to create healthy mealtimes and habits. Still, until our kids reach a certain age, we are responsible for helping them make the choices that will guide them through adulthood.

Here are fourteen tips for giving your family a health makeover.

1. Do a Body Mass Index (BMI) check. Is everyone in your family at an optimal weight? Find out by using a BMI calculator (which you can find by doing a simple Google search for “BMI Calculator.” Enter the height and weight of each family member. Take a minute to talk about healthy weight and height and all the benefits of living a healthy life, from improved energy to the decreased likelihood of certain diseases. Make a plan together to help everyone get to his or her optimal weight in the months to come. There are lots of support networks and diets online that can help you achieve this end, for people of ages.

2. Write down your goals. As a family, write down what each person pledges to do in the coming weeks and months to become a healthier person. It is best to start with one or two specific goals. If you choose too many things at first, you are more likely to become overwhelmed and quit. Small changes can lead to big differences in your life.

3. Make your health goals into a family game. Talk about the healthy choices each person made each day. Reward these choices on a daily or weekly basis.

4. Cut down on soft drinks. Replace one or two sugary soft drinks or energy drinks each day with water. You can add a splash of lemon or lime juice if it helps make plain water more palatable at first. Once you start drinking a lot of water, you will begin to crave it, and you will no longer feel like the sugary drinks do much to quench your thirst.

5. Drink more water. A good rule of thumb is to drink one-half ounce of water for every pound of body weight. Calculate out how much water each person in your family should be drinking each day. Once you are hydrated, you may find that you sleep better and are better able to keep your moods on an even keel, too.

6. Eat breakfast together. Enjoying a family mealtime is a great way to stay emotionally connected. Start your day with the family by eating a nutritious breakfast. Make sure to include some form of lean protein to help you maximize your energy.

7. Exercise together. Think of ways you can combine family togetherness with exercise. Take a walk together in the evenings, and go sledding or bicycling on the weekend.

8. Is there anywhere you can walk instead of drive as a family? Or consider taking your bikes.

9. Subscribe to healthy living magazines and encourage everyone to read about the latest research on how nutrition affects our lives, and stay motivated to exercise and live a healthy, fit life. A good fitness magazine can be tremendously motivating.

10. Cut down on your television. If you do watch TV, watch it together as a family and use the programming as spark for family conversations.

11. Turn off the TV when you eat breakfast or dinner together. Without the accompaniment of TV or radio, you’ll be more aware of what you are eating, and how much you are eating. Plus, you will be able to more closely bond with your family during the meal. Start each meal with a ritual conversation starter. “What was the best thing about your day?” is a great one.

12. In addition to TV time, try limiting video games and computer time, too. Plan a family game night with a favorite board game. Do household chores together. Join an organized sports league.

13. Make healthy alternatives readily available. Set a bowl of fresh fruit on the kitchen counter, as well as bowl of carrots, broccoli, sugar snap peas and raw broccoli.

14. Go easy on yourself. Remember that the example you set will be followed by your children. One of the most important methods for creating a healthy family is to make your health and fitness a priority by staying active and making nutritious food choices, and they likely will, too.

Nutrition For Kids- An Essential Element of Parenting!

Most mothers live in a constant state of worry about the right nutrition for kids and how to go about achieving it. The problem does not lie with their lack of information but with the un-cooperative attitude of their children. Almost all kids seem to have problems with consuming the kind of nutritious food that aids mental and physical development. Struggles relating to food issues are ubiquitous and mothers are commonly found discussing strategies to overcome this barrier. How do you ensure that your child has a healthy eating habit and does not fall ill or suffer otherwise due to inadequate nutrition in his diet?

The frank answer is that you have to begin planning right from your child’s infancy so that she is naturally attracted to healthy food. Nutrition for kids is not something that you can change overnight after the realization dawns in that you have a problem on your hands with your kids’ eating pattern. However, with some perseverance, you will achieve your goal and your child will turn into an adventurous and keen eater. The best way to start, though, is from the initial stages when you breastfeed your child.

Breastfeeding ensures that your child has only the necessary amount of milk and does not drink even when she is satiated. This is one of the drawbacks of bottle-feeding wherein the parent encourages the child to drink the entire bottle and the child does so despite feeling full. If this habit of over-eating persists into adult life, your child may face problems of obesity and other weight related issues. So, stop the bottle and start breast-feeding your child whenever possible.

A great way to guarantee nutrition for kids is to have your kids share their mealtime with you. A small toddler feels grown-up and important by being included in this ritual. This will make her more receptive to new food items on the table. Observing the talk and the laughter that accompanies food will also heighten her sense of well-being and this feeling is extended to the food that goes with it.

Many a time, parents do not let children eat by themselves even if that is what the child wants. Mothers especially fear the resultant mess when the child feeds herself. This hurts the tender ego of your child who perceives it as a complete lack of control over her activities. Many kids refuse food thereafter as they want to express their sense of dissatisfaction in some way or the other. Losing your rigidity as a parent is very important here. You need to let your child experiment with her capabilities and eating food by herself is high on the priority list of to-dos for your child. By allowing your child to so, you are not only providing nutrition for kids but also helping them to become independent.

A reliable method of tempting your child to try new items on his platter is by presenting her with a wide array of interesting choices. Of course, lack of time may not always permit you to do so, but at least try this twice a week so that your child looks forward to the menu and forms a good impression of the whole eating experience.

Since most kids are averse to trying out vegetables and fruits in their diet, nutrition for kids means devising creative ways of getting them involved in the cooking process. You could even take them to the supermarket with you and let them select a vegetable or fruit of their choice. Planting your own garden is another way of provoking the curiosity of your child. You can encourage your child to tend certain vegetable plants as a pet project. Your child will naturally be interested in sampling out vegetables or fruits that come from his/her particular plant. Letting your child help with the cooking will also prompt him to take an active part in the proceedings and feel a direct interest in the food menu.

As kids have a tendency to get bored with repetitive food choices, exert your ingenuity and culinary skills by coming up with something totally novel once in a while. Your child will definitely appreciate your efforts and reciprocate with fervor by avidly trying out your menu. Combining vegetables with food items like pizza, soups, macaroni and cheese etc. is a good way of meeting up with the nutrition for kids’ requirement. Again, whipping up a healthy fruit salad frequently and storing fresh fruits can serve as a healthy replacement for your child’s desert needs.

Despite your diverse tactics, your child may disappoint you once in a while and refuse healthy food. Do not react with anger and frustration at these times and above all, never coerce your child into eating as this will infuse a negative feeling into the entire eating experience. The mature thing to do during such occasions is to just let go and present the same item at some future juncture when your child is more amenable to trying out new food items. This will help your nutrition for kids plan in the long run.

One of the best ways to create a healthy eating pattern for your child is to focus on family mealtimes. Make this time of the day as leisurely as possible and make the dining place a venue for discussing things that you enjoy or the good things that happened to each family member that day. You should always try and avoid arguments or other negative emotions from creeping into the family mealtime as this will directly impact the quality of your eating experience. Thus, if family mealtimes can be converted into ‘happy times’ for your family, your kids will pick up healthy eating patterns and your nutrition for kids plan will be a success.

However, when following or including these tips into your family plan, do remember that every child will have specific nutrition needs and a generalized nutrition for kids plan will not work. Also, kids’ appetites and tastes keep on changing every day, so you need to develop a flexible approach to your child’s eating habits and never impose a harsh diet regime for your child. Apart from this, you also need to focus on your own dietary intake. If you follow a healthy lifestyle and opt for healthy and nutritious food, your children will automatically follow your example. This will make it very easy for you to adopt a well-rounded diet plan for your child. So, before your start advising your child on correct eating habits, implement these into your own dietary schedule. By doing so, you will be blessed with kids who are healthy, well-developed and lead a relatively disease-free life. Isn’t that a parent’s dream come true?

Rain Nutrition Marketing Ineffective

Hello Reader

This article is based on real life experiences and industry statistics.

Rain Nutrition Quick Overview

Rain Nutrition opened it’s doors in 2009 and sells a healthy drink. Their juices contain some of the best antioxidant levels in any drink product and are more robust than any superfood known to man. The two main products are Rain Soul and Rain Rush. Rain Soul was their first product and Rain Rush is a high energy beverage. The secret behind Rain has been around for 20 years but Rain Nutrition is the first to actually formulate a product for human consumption based on this exact science.

Rain Nutrition uses the network marketing style of doing business. Network marketing has been the way many new beverage companies are entering the market. The MLM model involves selling products to your friends and family and then recruiting them as distributors. When new reps reach out to their contacts they can sponsor them as new reps and the duplication starts.

Rain Nutrition like nearly all network marketing companies is flawed in their marketing.

Here is the problem. The style of marketing that network marketing companies teach doesn’t work for 95% of the reps in the industry. These marketing strategies might have been successful in the 90’s for a higher percentage of people but in today’s market they have become very ineffective.

Rain Nutrition lays out their marketing plan on their web page. Below is what they claim to be duplication and is what they teach their new reps.

Find your WHY

I actually agree with number one. No matter what business endeavor you choose to do you need to find a motivation deep down inside of you that is going to drive you to become a winner. You will not succeed without this desire and drive.

Go Core

This is all about commitment. Rain want’s you to be committed to your business. So far so good with the Rain marketing strategy.

Create a Contact List

This is where the Rain Nutrition marketing strategy begins to slip a little. One thing Rain Nutrition promotes is duplication. How can a person who has a contact list of 50 people duplicate a person who has over 1,000 sales and business contacts? Obviously the person with 1,000 quality contacts has an advantage over the one with little contacts. Duplication doesn’t not exist when it comes to people.

Expand Your Warm Market

Rain Nutrition wants you to contact all the people you know even the ones you haven’t spoken to in years. They recommend your church, your community, facebook and other social networks. I can tell you from experince that I get emails everyday from folks on facebook telling me to check out their opportunity and guess what? Everyone has a different businesses and they all claim to be the best. This type of marketing (if you can call it that) only produces a bunch of confusion in the industry and yields few results. The warm market list and bugging old friends on facebook is not going to be the best way to grow a business.

Picture this

“Hmmm….Let me see. I’m going to call aunt Helen who is 89 years old and talk her into selling my products. What about Uncle Ralph. He will do it he will try anything. I don’t think he will be angry at me when he spends a whole month’s worth of pay and makes no money.”

Am I making sense? The folks you should be prospecting are the kind of folks who are motivated and have a drive to hang in there even when it requires and excruciating amount of work.

Invite and Follow Up

This means drag your friends and family to an opportunity meeting where they will get a huge dose of hypnotism and be worked over for a sale. Have you ever experienced one of those vacation club sales presentations? They they trick you into coming with a free give-away vacation and then they work on selling you a $50,000 vacation plan. Those people won’t leave you alone. Would you really drag your Aunt or best buddy to a meeting like that? Wrong wrong wrong. That’s not the right strategy and it’s the wrong folks to try to sponsor.

Utilize The Proper Tools

Get ready to spend some money. You can purchase a company DVD, brochures, flyers, business cards and a replicated website. None of these are effective ways to market and the money you spend on them will not turn you a profit. I have never known anyone to make any money from a replicated website. In fact replicated websites turn more folks away than make sales. If you are marketing this online I can assure you people have already seen a website exactly like yours several times. It simply does not work.

Host a Party

Well this is a great idea, why not have a big party? You can buy a bunch of food and set out a bunch of product and invite? You guessed it! Invite your entire warm list, all of your family and friends. People rarely want to go to these? They know they will feel obligated to buy something. Again this is not an effective way to market and you are taking advantage of your relationships to make a buck.

Attend and Invite

Leaders in Rain hold company events where speakers are brought in. These leaders could be guest speakers or a leader within Rain. This is a great way to train your team an also sponsor new reps. These are actually very effective once you have the right people to plug in. The problem is getting the right people there.

While there are some good parts to Rain’s marketing strategy there are also some other parts that are flawed. Their products are fantastic but they like other network marketing opportunities they do not have a system that is easily duplicated. A warm list runs out quickly and you are left with no practical way to build you business. What you must understand is this is a “marketing” business. Without a marketing strategy or a marketing system you can not grow a huge business. If you were opening a sandwich shop you certainly wouldn’t rely on just your friends and family to support it.

Right before your very eyes there is a revolution taking place. This revolution is the internet. The net is creating opportunities for people that have not had the means to reach a mass of people. This juggernaut of information has made it possible for people to literally create fortunes from their home office. In the last couple of years the smart marketers have been developing methods to build their network marketing businesses on the internet. They have done this without the warm list, without cold calling, without home parties and with out flyers and brochures.

I’m not picking on Rain Nutrition for their their way of marketing because until now that is all that has been known. However, there is a new and better way and the future is bright with promise for those who take action today. Online marketing is just beginning and if you start now you will be in for a huge ride to the top. I hope for the best for Rain Nutrition and the other MLM’s out there. It’s time to look toward the future because the times are changing fast. You don’t want to get left behind. If you are looking for a new and better way in your network marketing company and a complete turn around of how you approach your business then follow the links in this article.

Your Dog’s Nutrition

Choosing your dog’s food is an important decision. It’s the difference between a healthy, happy canine and an itchy, flatulent, miserable one. There’s a huge distinction between living on preservatives & dog food fillers and feeding your dog the best food available for their complete dietary needs.

You want the best for your dog. You certainly want your canine family member to look good and feel good. When you see them smile, it’s a joy beyond words. Good nutrition is a basic place to start. Let’s face it; you want your dog around as long as possible. They’re an integral part of your life. A family member for sure.

Your dog’s nutrition can also help prevent some annoyances such as itchy, flakey skin, hair loss, anal gland problems and more. If your dog has allergies, is overweight, underweight, a senior, has kidney problems or is just finicky, there’s a food especially for them.

Finding the perfect dog food can be challenging and is not for the weak of heart. It may take some time and require many experiments, but your dog is worth it.

Be patient. Be diligent. Do some research

Once you decide to change your dog’s food, do it slowly. Spread it out over a full week. If you change too quickly it’s really tough on their sensitive digestive system & your dog will probably have diarrhea or at the least extremely loose stools. This can be sudden & very messy.

The following method seems to work well for dogs when changing their regular diet.

Day 1: 90% Old Food, 10% New Food.
Day 2: 80% Old Food, 20% New Food.
Day 3: 60% Old Food, 40% New Food.
Day 4: 50% Old Food, 50% New Food.
Day 5: 40% Old Food, 60% New Food.
Day 6: 20% Old Food, 80% New Food.
Day 7: 100% New Food.

You may notice a difference in only 3 days or it may take 3 months to know if the new dog food is the one for your unique dog. I suggest giving new food at least 4-6 months before moving on. You’ll know by your dog’s coat, their eyes, breath, & yes, poop. Are your dog’s eyes shiny & clear? Is their coat soft & supple or coarse and dry? Is their skin flakey? Does your dog still need a tic tac? (Note: bad breath can also be a symptom of dental or other health related issues that require treatment).

For the sensitive or allergy prone dog, it’s a good idea to not give any treats during this trial period. You want to isolate the allergy triggers and treats can throw this off. When you do introduce treats, do something natural like carrots.

When you do introduce the carrot treat, be aware of your dog’s behavior after getting it. Are they scratching more? Was there a dramatic mood shift?

Some reactions are an itchy pup, behavioral changes, they quickly fall asleep, or become super energized. Keep a log of the treats given and if there was a reaction of any kind.

I feed my dogs “Blue Buffalo”. This is one of the best holistic dog foods available today. It costs slightly more than other brands, but the rewards are completely worth it. My dog’s coats are shiny & soft. Their eyes are clear. They have energy and also sleep very well at night.

In good conscious, I can only recommend the following dog foods: “APD Select Choice, Blue Buffalo Company, Canidae for Dogs, Fromm Family, Halo, Purely for Pets, Holistic Blend, Natura, Newman’s Own Organics, & Wellness”. Any one of these foods is a fantastic healthy choice for you & your canine family member.

As always, consult with your Veterinarian or Veterinary Technician if you have questions or concerns. Whatever you decide, be sure it’s the best you can give your dog.